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Kiwi (Green) 奇伟果

Kiwi (Green)  奇伟果
Kiwi (Green)  奇伟果 Kiwi (Green)  奇伟果 Kiwi (Green)  奇伟果
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Kiwifruit are the nutrition powerhouse of fruits rich in vitamin C&E, Folic Acid,Potassium,naturally high in antioxidants,help improve the function of your immune system,relieve constipation,reduces oxidative stress caused by high-fat meals,Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease


性寒,味甘酸,解熱止渴。含维生素B1、C、胡萝卜素及钙 、鈉、磷、铁、钾 、鎂、氯, 含有糖类,蛋白质中氨基酸丰富,蛋白酶十二种及可溶性膳食纤维, 是维持心血管健康的重要營养,可强化免疫系统,可抑制抑郁症,补充脑力,通淋,健胃及抗衰老功効